EPO-Film has been a reliable partner for international film and television productions for 70 years. We know how to combine consistency with progress, ability and social engagement. Our family business has always focused on working with clients in a co-operative manner defined by team spirit, ensuring that our staff enjoy fair and equal working conditions, supporting up-and-coming talents and using resources in the most effective, sustainable way possible.

We are proud to be able to tell stories and bring the magic of film to life. However, we are also convinced that our responsibilities go beyond making great movies. They include protecting our environment.

In the future, we intend to increase our efforts to promote environmental awareness as well as diversity, equality and mutual respect, using the Green Producing guidelines and our Code of Ethics as a roadmap. We are great believers in teamwork and collaboration, so we look forward to the co-produktion opportunities offered by the new Austrian funding model.

Making movies together - making future together 


The company and its directors recognise that we have a duty of care to those who work for us.
We encourage all those involved with the company to actively contribute to ensuring a constructive, respectful working environment, as this also promotes a greater spirit of productivity and creativity.
We have established and support measures against any form of discrimination, harassment, abuse, intimidation or bullying.

The tenets that guide our company:

No person may be disadvantaged or discriminated against because of their gender, sexual orientation, origin, appearance, ethnic, cultural, religious or social background, level of education, colour, age, size, relationship status or legal political opinions.

Respectful Behaviour
Our professional behaviour is founded in respectful interaction with others. The opinions of others are to be respected and should never be subjected to personal insults. We expect and support respectful behaviour that ensures people feel comfortable. The private space of all who work with us is to be respected both in the workplace and on location.

Harassment and Exclusionary Behaviour
We will not accept any form of harassment or exclusionary behaviour. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Mobbing and threats of violence
  • Discriminatory jokes or other forms of language
  • Unsolicited communication of inappropriate and sexually or violently explicit materials, particularly through digital communication channels
  • Personal insults of any sort
  • Unwanted sexual advances

Child Protection
Protecting children is of exceptional importance. We therefore ensure the greatest possible level of security, for example by providing trained, suitable supervisors at all times. In addition, we commit to providing all underage participants and their parents or legal guardians with detailed information concerning their rights and duties, the working hours and conditions and the content of the film.   

Green Producing

As a film production company, we intend to be trailblazers when it comes to sustainability and provide an example of how art, business and environmental protection can work together hand in hand. Our vision is to encourage a positive change in the film industry and to inspire our audiences to similarly make sustainable choices in their lives.

In order to achieve these goals, we commit to the following principles:

We ensure that our productions are as environmentally friendly as possible. We reduce our ecological footprint by using renewable energy sources, effective recycling and waste management programmes, as well as environmentally friendly materials and technologies.

We actively work towards meeting internationally recognised sustainability standards and continuously improving our processes. We also strive to receive acknowledged certifications that guarantee the quality and transparency of our efforts in this area. These certifications provide our partners with the certainty that they can trust us.

We believe in the efficacy of teamwork and work closely with other companies, organisations and experts to develop innovative solutions for environmentally friendly film production.

Education and Awareness
We hope to use our films to educate and raise awareness among our viewers by including relevant messaging in our films. We use our platform to draw attention to environmental issues and encourage positive change.

The Company


EPO-Film was founded in 1954 and remains a wholly independent company, now run by the third generation of the same family. The company focuses on international partnerships and co-productions in the fields of fiction and documentary filmmaking.

The company is owned and managed by Dieter and Jakob Pochlatko. Dieter serves as a mentor in various screenwriting workshops, is a regular jury member at film festivals and works to promote Austria's interests in the film industry. Jakob is a member of the board of both Film Austria and the "Akademie des österreichischen Films" (Academy of Austrian Film). In addition, he frequently serves as an accredited expert in the fields of film, television and cinema.

EPO-Film has 10 full-time employees and works with up to 500 freelance contributors every year. The company's commitment to equality is visible within its structure: half of the fulltime employees are female, and leading positions of a majority of the productions are staffed by women.

EPO-Film is a founding member of the Film Austria league of producers and a member of the Austrian Association of Film Producers (AAFP), as well as a member of the European Producers Club.

EPO-Film productions have received many awards, including from:

Cannes Film Festival, Romy Awards, Austrian Film Award, Bavarian TV Awards, Germany's Bambi Awards, Zurich Film Festival, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, Sarajevo Film Festival, Diagonale, Baden-Baden Award and the Biarritz Film Festival.


Dieter Pochlatko

Managing Partner, Producer    

Phone: +43 1 81 23 718

6.6.1943Born in Graz
1964Matriculated in Graz, Romance Studies and German at the University of Graz
1966State champion in enduro motorcycling
1967Started as a cameraman at EPO-Film
1969Partnership in the EPO-Film/Graz
1970Received the concession for film production
1975-2003Head of the Audiovisual and Film Industry Section of the Styrian Chamber of Economics
1977Acquisition of Graz's Reichbauer cinema, which remains a significant cultural institution to this day
1977-2001Jury member for the Styrian Film Awards
1978-1982Manager of Styria' Audio-Visual Centre (AVZ)
seit 1978Managing partner / EPO-Film, Graz
1984-2004Head of the Documentary group within the Audiovisual and Film Industry Section of the Styrian Chamber of Economics
1987-2003Jury member – Austrian Federal Award for Advertising
1990Establishment of an EPO-Film production facility in Vienna
1990-2002Jury member – Graz's Mountainfilm International Filmfestival
1991-1998President of the Association of Austrian Filmproducers
1992-2005Head of the Audiovisual and Film Industry Section of the Styrian Chamber of Economics
Board member at the Verwertungsgesellschaft Audiovisuelle Medien (VAM) rights organisation
Member of the Austrian Film Commission (AFC)
1996-2003Member of the board of trustees at the Austrian Film Institute
1998-2003Advisory board, Diagonale film festival
2009Jury member – Austrian Federal Award for Advertising
seit 2013VAM auditor
seit 2014AFC auditor
seit 2016Senior member of the FISA advisory board


1980Received Graz's medal for artistic achievement
1997Romy for Best Producer for the TV series EIN IDEALER KANDIDAT
2004Cine Styria Film Award
2006Grand Josef Krainer Award
2006Grand Medal of Honour of Styria
2008Bestowal of the honorary title "Kommerzialrat"
2012Diagonale 2012: VAM Award for "Innovative Production Achievements"
2013Austrian Film Award for the film ATMEN (BREATHING)
2013Austrian Ticket for the most successful Austria film, ATMEN (BREATHING)
2014Romy for the best TV Movie, POLT
2016Best TV movie, Germany's Biberach Film Festival, DRACHENJUNGFRAU (THE WATERFALL MURDER)
2017Best TV movie, Germany's Biberach Film Festival, DIE NOTLÜGE


1978-1988Head of the Film Department at Graz Polytechnic
Lecturer for Media Studies at the University of Graz
Guest lecturer at La Fémis/Paris and Danube University/Krems

Cinema Manager

Since 1977Leaseholder and, from 1988, owner of the Rechbauer Cinema in Graz
Since 2014Manager of the Stadtkulturkino Bruck an der Mur.

Jakob Pochlatko

Managing Partner, Producer

Phone: +43 1 81 23 718

4.12.1984Born in Graz
2003Matriculated in Graz, Law Studies at the University of Graz
2010Master's Degree, Law Studies
2009 – 2011Work at a renowned law chambers in Vienna
2012Junior Producer at EPO-Film
since 2013Board member in Austria's VAM producer's association, responsible for the Verwertungsgesellschaft für Audiovisuelle Medien rights organisation
since 2015Member of the TV Movie Committee at the Austrian Chamber of Economics
since 2015Member of the Advertising and Educational Film Committee at the Austrian Chamber of Economics
since 2016Manager of the EPO-Film
since 2016Majority shareholder, EPO-Film
since 2017Accredited expert in the fields of film, television and cinema
since 2018Member of Graz's Media and Film advisory board
 Frequent jury member for various film festivals



Guest lecturer for the Film, TV and Media Production course at the BFI Wien technical college

Heinrich Mayer-Moroni

Head of Documentary

Phone: +43 1 81 23 718 - 15

Ricki Oelmack

Assistant to the CEO, Project Coordinator

Phone: +43 1 81 23 718 -13

Alfred Strobl

Line Producer

Phone: +43 1 81 23 718

Maria Senn

Assistenz der Herstellungsleitung

Tel.: +43 650 533 00 72


Melanie Graier

Head of finance and controlling fiction

Tel.: +43 1 812 37 18 - 24

Brigitte Pochlatko



Sigrid Reinold


Phone: +43 1 81 23 718 - 12

Christine Kubec


Phone: +43 1 81 23 718 - 25

Esteban Deheza


Phone: +43 1 812 37 18 - 24

Sabine Ingartler

Front Office Manager, Festival Coordinator, Archive Research, Press Relations

Phone: +43 1 81 23 718

Franziska Kiefmann

Junior Producer Factual

Phone: +43 1 81 23 718 - 14

Jelka Jeschek, BA


Tel.: +43 1 812 37 18 63