EPO-Film is your reliable and experienced partner for international co-productions and service productions, specialising in the new Austrian film funding model.

The new Austrian tax incentive and funding model for international service productions, „FISA+“


30% of all expenses in Austria +5% green filming bonus No yearly cap

Streaming, TV & Cinema all supported / Live action & animation, VFX, film music, postproduction / Fiction, documentary & VR

Maximum funding per project: 5,000,000 EUR (film), 7,500,000 EUR (series)

Minimum spend in Austria: Fiction: 150,000 Euro / Documentary: 80,000 Euro / Animation, VFX, music, postproduction: 25,000 Euro

Cash Back: 30% on the first shooting day in Austria / 70% after the last shooting day in Austria & final check by the Austrian national funding agency (aws)

Applicant: Independent Austrian production company

For example:

1.000.000 EUR
spend in Austria

300.000 EUR
fixed grant


50.000 EUR
green bonus


350.000 EUR
max. cash back

If you would like to pitch a project and find out more about these funding opportunities, please contact us:

Tel. +43 1 81 23 718