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About epo-film

epo-film is a top-tier production company providing international high-profile content for cinema and TV.


epo-film produces:



This diversification provides a continuous course of business . Our projects are developed by epo-film and realized accordingly. Epo-film’s expertise in configurating and funding a projects through European subsidies makes us a valuable partner for co-productions.

Company history


  • 1954 epo-film is established as an Austrian production company by Dr. Erich Pochlatko
  • 1969 Dieter Pochlatko becomes a shareholder of epo-film
  • 1978 Dieter Pochlatko becomes managing director of epo-film with headquarters in Graz and a professional production facility in Vienna
  • Since 1990 all productions are handled at our office in Vienna
  • Since 1995 headquarters in Vienna, branch office in Graz
  • Since in 2002 branch office in Klagenfurt
  • 2016 Jakob Pochlatko becomes major shareholder and managing director of epo-film alongside Dieter Pochlatko


epo-film is a privately owned independent film production company.


Shareholder structure:


Managing directors: KommR. Dieter Pochlatko, Mag. Jakob Pochlatko


  • 26 % – KommR. Dieter Pochlatko
  • 23 % – Mag. Jakob Pochlatko