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Nikolaus Leytner


Klaus Richter, Nikolaus Leytner


Dieter Pochlatko, Jakob Pochlatko, Ralf Zimmermann


Simon Morzé, Johannes Krisch, Bruno Ganz, Emma Drogunova


Hermann Dunzendorfer
  • Drama
  • HD 90 min.
  • Adaptation of Robert Seethaler’s bestselling novel


Vienna 1937. Franz, 17, is an apprentice in a small shop selling newspapers, magazines and tobacco products. It is here that he also learns about life and love and all the pleasure and pain it can cause. As luck would have it, he can ask an expert who happens to be a regular customer: Sigmund Freud, 82. But women are as much a mystery to Freud as they are to Franz. Franz, his new friend Freud, the young Bohemian girl who Franz loves in vain and his invalid and courageous boss all get caught up in a dramatic vortex of events because “this ole world of ours ain’t built that way” (Brecht).

A small and yet powerful cinematic tale – exhilarating, poetical and packed with emotion.




Production Manager:

Bernhard Schmatz, Karin Schmatz

Original Music:

Matthias Weber

Film Editing:

Bettina Mazakarini

Sound Engineer:

Max Vornehm

Production Design:

Bertram Reiter

Costume Design:

Caterina Czepek

Shooting Period:

October 2, 2017 - November 20, 2017

Completion Date:

May 7, 2018

Supported By:

FISA Filmstandort Austria, FILMFONDS Wien, Österreichischers Filminstitut, Land Oberösterreich, Cine Art, FFF Bayern, DFFF - Deutscher Filmförderfonds, FFA - Filmförderungsanstalt, IDM Südtirol/ALTO ADIGE Film Fund & Commission,


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