Mystery of the Fairy Circles


Barbara Fally-Puskás


Barbara Fally-Puskás


Dieter Pochlatko, Magic Touch Films, ORF


Ian McCarthy, Josef Neuper
  • A Universum documentary
  • HD 50 min.
  • Participating television broadcasters: ORF


Namibia has many notorious sights: die Etosha Pan, the Skeleton Coast, the forbidden diamond area, the Kalahari Desert and the Namib Desert.

This country situated in south western Africa also hosts a strange phenomenon called “Fairy Circles”. For 40 years scientists have been trying to discover their cause. These mysterious, perfectly round bare spots can be seen in the southern parts of Africa, particularly in the Namib Desert.

These “Fairy Circles” have not only captivated the eyes of locals, but those of expeditioners and tourists as well – they cannot be missed!

Where do these mysterious circles originate? Are they the whim of nature? And who is responsible? Barbara Fally-Puskás Universum documentary tries to answer these questions.


Production Manager:

Wolfgang Knöpfler

Original Music:

Kurt Adametz

Film Editing:

Jörg Achatz

Sound Engineer:

Joe Knauer

Shooting Period:

November 1, 2009 - November 30, 2010

Completion Date:

September 1, 2011

First Screening:

September 22, 2011, 21:05: ORF 2


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Mystery of the Fairy Circles Mystery of the Fairy Circles Mystery of the Fairy Circles