TV Movie

Die Freischwimmerin


Holger Barthel


Susanne Beck, Thomas Eifler


Dieter Pochlatko


Emily Cox, Selen Savas, Aaron Karl, Ulli Maier, Bernhard Schir


Peter Kappel
  • TV Drama
  • HD 90 min.
  • Participating television broadcasters: ORF, MDR


17-year-old Turkish student Ilayda is living with her well-integrated family in Vienna. After her father’s death she turns to religion and begins to wear a headscarf. Through her actions she seperates herself continuously from her classmates. Ilayda is a passionate swimmer and she pursues this passion secretly at night in her school’s swimming pool.


As her teacher for physical education Martha takes notice, she tries to re-integrate Ilayda in her class by talking her into joining her school’s swimming team that is going to participate in a swimming competition. The challenge Ilayda and her teacher have to face now is to give up headscarf and Burkini in order to be allowed to compete…


Production Manager:

Karin Schmatz

Original Music:

Otto M. Schwarz

Film Editing:

Thomas Knöpfel

Sound Engineer:

Walter Fiklocki

Production Design:

Christine Egger

Costume Design:

Martina List

Shooting Period:

October 13, 2012 - November 12, 2012

First Screening:

June 4, 2014, ORF 2: ORF 2


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