TV Movie

Clarissa’s Secret


Xaver Schwarzenberger


Annette Simon, Melanie Brügel


Dieter Pochlatko, zoela Film


Paula Kalenberg, Katja Riemann, Herbert Knaup, Friedrich von Thun, Fritz Karl


Xaver Schwarzenberger
  • Drama
  • HD 90 min.
  • Participating television broadcasters: ORF, ARD

18-year-old Stella grew up with her mother Clarissa on a safari lodge in South Africa. One day the journalist Carlo appears – an unexpected visitor from Europe and an old friend of Stella’s mother, who sets a chain of dramatic events in motion. Shortly after Carlo’s visit Clarissa dies in a car accident. In her mother’s estate Stella discovers surprising information about her family – apparently everything Clarissa told her was a lie. Why did Clarissa withhold the family away from her all the years and even assume a false name? Stella travels to Europe to her mother’s home country – hoping to find out the truth about her family and most of all her biological father. As she arrives at her family’s luxurious estate in Austria she cannot believe her eyes…


Production Manager:

Bernd Hunold, Karin Schmatz

Original Music:

Dieter Schleip

Film Editing:

Helga Borsche

Sound Engineer:

Tomas Kanok

Production Design:

Elisabeth Klobassa

Costume Design:

Heidi Melinc

Shooting Period:

April 18, 2011 - May 30, 2011

Completion Date:

September 30, 2011

First Screening:

October 3, 2012, 20:15: ORF 2

Supported By:

Cinestyria Filmcommission and Fonds, Austrian Television Fund


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  • Südafrika
  • Triest, Italien
  • Steiermark, Österreich


Clarissa’s Secret Clarissa’s Secret Clarissa’s Secret Clarissa’s Secret